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About Mongolian BBQ

Although Mongolian barbecue first appeared in Taipei in 1951, the stir-frying of meats on a large, open surface is supposed to evoke Mongolian foods and Mongolian traditions. The preparation can also derive from Japanese-style teppanyaki, which was popular in Taiwan at the time. One of the oldest Mongolian Barbecue restaurants (Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ) was opened in the 1960s, and is located in downtown Taipei, Taiwan. As Mongolian Barbecue became more popular, it was successfully introduced to the West.

Soldiers of the Mongol Empire gathered large quantities of meat, prepared them with their swords and cooked them on their upturned shields over a large fire. A German restaurant chain with the same concept claims that the Mongolian soldiers cooked their meals on a heated stone.

How it works

Diners select a variety of raw ingredients from a display of thinly sliced meats (beef, pork, chicken, shrimp) and vegetables (cabbage, tofu, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.), then guests select the sauces. The bowl of ingredients is handed to the chef who transfers them to the grill.

The round shape of the grill allows two or more chefs to cook food simultaneously, and to cook quickly due to the thinly sliced ingredients. The food is typically cooked in one revolution of the grill. Water may be added to ease cooking. The ingredients are stir-fried continuously over the high heat and all food remains identifiable and intact.

Each dish is stirred in its turn, as the chef walks around the outside of the grill and turns each individual's food in succession.

When cooking is complete, each finished dish is scooped into a plate and handed to the diner. - Wikipedia

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